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Residential Design/Build

The Tilton House

This adobe home won an award at “Homes of Enchantment Parade” in 2009.  The interior walls are diamond plaster with polished beeswax, and the floor is stained concrete with radiant heat. The house was designed to mimic the surrounding landscape, and was built with 100% natural stucco.

The house has 5 fireplaces, all with their own unique design. The house features several of Matt’s specialty innovations, such the recessed lighting nichos, corner canales, buttressed pilasters, and dry stacked stone walls. The architect for the project was Levi Romero, and the owners of the house are Ed and Ana Tilton.

Read the article in Homes of Enchantment Parade, about building the Tilton House at Diamond Tail Ranch in Placitas.

Adobe Construction, 2009
Levi Romero, architect