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Residential Restoration

Overlooking Tiguex Park in one of Albuquerque’s most historic neighborhoods, this 130+ year-old adobe home now stands proud again. The massive adobe walls of the original home received an adobe addition and an updated, open-floor plan that brings a more modern living space to owners, Lloyd and Jan Garcia.

Matt’s adobe skills, and his ability to work with evolving plans and design changes on the fly, proved irresistible to the Garcias, who watched Matt and his Team perform 6 months of restoration work that nearly doubled the size of the old 1,000-square-foot home.

The thick adobe walls are the heart of this old adobe home. And while the original renovation plans called for frame wall additions, Matt was able to offer a fully flushed-out adobe alternative that fit well with the Garcias’ construction budget.

You can read more about the restoration of this historic adobe home in an Abq Journal article by Jane Mahoney, titled “Old Town Treasure”.

Historic adobe remodel, 2010
Architect, Joe Gallegos